About Us

Fore over 60 years, Aimark Travers has worked with clients ranging from large multinational corporations to small local companies, engineering the best solutions for their needs. We specialize in designing and manufacturing solutions to complex mechanical engineering challenges in the building industry.
Our goal, since our establishment in 1944, is to be the best in the industry by continuously exceeding our clients’ expectations by delivering solutions that are of the highest quality, extremely robust, and on time. Our engineered solutions are durable enough to handle the roughest of applications and advanced enough to handle even the most difficult of scenarios.

Aimark Travers fulfills your requirements to exacting specifications. Our project managers work with you from day one to offer you the best professional advice and solution. From initial contact to receipt upon delivery, we work hand in hand with you to ensure that you receive the optimal product for your project needs.
Innovation lives here. We believe in providing a creative workplace for our team where ideas are exchanged freely and creative solutions flow. We support the creativity of our engineers by providing them with a workplace environment where they are free to work out innovative solutions for their projects. This creative environment has allowed us to grow into the mechanical engineering leader we are today and has enabled us to design and build the most advanced solutions available in a range of areas in the industry.

Our team of engineers come from the best schools in the country and practise at the highest of standards. We continue to support the life-long professional development of our engineers with current up-to-date methods leading to the highest of standards and the quality of our manufactured products and equipment.

Our factories maintain the highest standard of maintenance and safety. All teams receive safety training in all aspects of factory operations. The equipment is maintained by specialist engineering teams and is regularly tested to ensure that it meets all recommended guidelines.
From large bulk orders to highly customised small ones, we meet your needs. After 60 plus years in operation, there is nothing too big or too small that our team won’t handle. Aimark Travers meets any mechanical engineering requirements, and provides precisely what you need.