Light Industry

Aimark Travers creates a range of manufactured equipment that is tailored precisely to our clients’ needs. Our experienced team of engineers designs and builds manufactured equipment for our clients directly in our factories. We also offer temporary or fixed installation for our manufactured equipment at the location of your choice.


Aimark Travers factories are equipped with the latest equipment allowing us to engineer belts to the highest standard. We create a range of belts to suit your needs including metal belts, modular plastic belts, and rubber belts. Our engineering team creates belts to your exact requirements, and with our attention to detail, will ensure that the product is of the highest quality.

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We create any type of custom high-precision-ball for your project. Our high-precision-balls are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications and we are able to manufacture them using state of the art technology in our factories where we apply rigorous quality controls to ensure the manufacturing precision of our engineered balls. We also modify existing balls.

  • Standard Commercial Balls
  • Custom Precision Balls
  • Modified Balls

Our high-precision-balls are created using a number of basic materials including chrome steel, aluminum, brass/bronze, ceramic, cobalt, copper, glass, hastelloy, monel, plastic, soft carbon, tungsten carbide and many more.

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Metal Mesh and Perforated Metals

We manufacture a range of fully customized metal mesh and perforated metals. We mould a large number of different types of metals into various patterns such as plain wave, plain Dutch wave, twilled wave, and twilled Dutch weave.
Our metal mesh and perforated metals have a range of industrial and commercial applications, including aggregate screens, baskets, cages, demisters, filters, aerospace – nacelles, food processing equipment, mining screens, retail displays and shelving, and more.
We specialize in working with hard-to-find and hard-to-fabricate materials to create metal mesh and perforated metals that are customized to your exact requirements. Our metal mesh is created with common metals and alloys, such as steel, carbon steel, copper, bronze, and other specialized materials.
The metal mesh and perforated materials are created to the highest standard in our factories across the country and we are highly experienced in custom weaving, slitting, cut pieces, framing, custom rolling, coating, and fabrication.

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Porous Metals

We provide a range of porous metals to meet the needs of custom applications in a variety of shapes such as panels, tubes, cylinders and drawn shapes. We create pore sizes, depending on the application, from anywhere between 0.1 µm to 200 µm. Some of the applications for our porous metals are listed below.